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Ok so it's another Monday.. 05June2023

Daily Mindset

"All you need are these: certainty of judgment in the present moment, action for the common good in the present moment, and an attitude of gratitude in the present moment for anything that comes your way." - Marcus Aurelius

Perception, Good Action, and Gratitude.

Written nearly two thousand years ago, these three disciplines apply to our lives just as much today as back then.

Perception - In 20/20 hindsight, everyone has the right answer. But in the present moment, things can go south. What creates the difference - our emotional state. Control our emotions, and we’ll find clarity of judgment in the present.

Good Action - Perception is one thing, but it’s another to take the leap of action. Square ourselves off to the opportunity in front, and make it count. Every time. We never waste our failures. Worth writing twice, we never waste our failures.

Gratitude - Through the lens of gratitude, everything is a gift. Change this, and the world changes around us.

Strength: Build up to a five rep max Back Squat and then..

Metcon: "Tall Task"

AMRAP 3 x 5 Rounds:

30 Wallballs (20/14)

Max Calorie Row

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds


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