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Everyone is on a different journey. At The Gorilla Strong, we will meet you wherever you are on that journey, whether you are a beginner or competitor. Our strong support system and competitive, yet friendly atmosphere is just part of what makes us special.

We truly want to see you succeed no matter your goals!

Rave Reviews

The absolute best place to train in Central GA. Great atmosphere and everything from beginners to pros lifting there.

- Brad Bohannon, member since 2015

This fantastic gym is the best in Middle Georgia! If you want great coaches, a wonderful group of people, and all the equipment you could ever need, look no further. The Crossfit and Bootcamp classes are great and welcoming to people of all ability levels. You'll always have someone to give you advice and cheer you on. Come join our gym family!

It's perfect for the college student who wants to just live a healthier life style or prepare to compete at a more serious level. Perfect for anyone of any walk of life. I love the box, the environment they have created, and the people.

- Ty Stevens, member since 2015

- Jessica Pippard, member since 2013

Our Success Stories

A year ago today I fell in love with a little lady named Crossfit. I feel like I've changed so much in this past year both physically and mentally. Not only have I put on muscle and lost 20 pounds, but I have learned that I can push past any mental limits. Also in my journey, I've gained a new home and family at Gorilla. I could never have accomplished this much without the support and expertise of my coaches and fellow gorillas. Hopefully I have many more years and gainz ahead of me!

- Christina Murray, November 2015


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