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Monday, 18 September already? Dang

Daily Mindset

“Your obsessions become your possessions.” - Ed Mylett

The word “obsessed” gets a bad rap.

And there’s indeed some merit to that.

But let’s try to define “to be obsessed” a little further. What it’s not defined by is "hours put in". That may be correlation, but not causality. One is truly obsessed with something when their passion and fire for “that thing” is so great, that their willpower will see them through even the harshest of storms. Where every other person quits... they push on. To one who is obsessed, failure is simply not an option.

Be obsessed with reaching our dreams.

Be obsessed with becoming a better husband, a better wife.

A better son, a better daughter.

A better friend, a better neighbor.

Be obsessed with what we care about the most. Our fiercest willpower, pointed in the right direction, is the most powerful thing in the world.

Metcon for the day: "Flyiing Somewhere"


7 Dumbbell Snatches (R)

7 Dumbbell Snatches (L)

500/450 Meter Bike

3 Rope Climbs (15')

Dumbbell: (70/50)

* Every 100 Meters = 1 Rep


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