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Thursday, 04 April 2024AF

Daily Mindset

“If you know your opponent, but not yourself, you will lose 100% of the time.” – Samurai Proverb

To “keep up with the Jones” is an old expression about competitive neighbors. A power struggle - or perhaps better said popularity struggle - of status on the block. To “keep up”, one must be on top of their investigative game, predicting the next big move so they can outmatch. That may be a nicer lawn or a fancier family Christmas card.

As we visualize these friendly rivals battling it out on the block, it’s safe to say that both sides... will lose. There won’t be a winner there.

We can study our competition to great length. And, we will indeed learn some absolutely beneficial statistics. But all the external statistics in the world won’t move us forward until we turn the investigative glasses to: ourselves.

Metcon for Thursday: "Rope Toe"

For Time:

30-20-10 Toes to Bar

1,000/900 Meter Bike

Directly Into...

3-2-1 Rope Climbs (15')

1,000/900 Meter Bike

Time Cap: 28 Minutes


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