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Wednesday, 29 December 2021




A strong Midline is extremely important for safe training.

This week let’s try to pick 3 days to do some extra midline after class!

Workout 1:

3 Rounds for Quality

60 Second Hollow Body Hold

50 Flutter Kicks

40 Sit Ups

30 High Plank Shoulder Taps

20 Hollow Body Rocks

10 V Ups

1 Minute Rest Between Rounds

Workout 2:

3 Rounds for Quality

50ft Single Dumbbell Farmers Carry

15 Weighted Sit Ups

After Every Set. . .

Accumulate 1:00 in an L Sit

Workout 3:

3 Rounds for Quality

4 Eccentric Toes to Bar

(athletes can kip to get toes to the bar; then 0:05 count lowering legs)

12 Strict Knee to Chest (can be broken up)

1:00 Plank

0:30 Side Plank (each side)

1 Minute Rest Between Rounds


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