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Hell yeah it's Friday, 08 September 2022


“Build before you have to.” - James Clear

We are creatures that respond very, very well to pressure situations.

If we are studying for a test, cramming the day before tends to nearly be “magical”. Under such external pressures, we create this urgency that drives results.

But - what if we don’t need that external pressure?

What if we can create it for ourselves, internally, for everyday use?

What a weapon that would be.

Build the skill set before you need to use it.

Build the knowledge before you need to know it.

Be ahead of the game. So that when it comes, we’re playing it, and not vice versa.

Create the urgency today through a commitment to ourselves. Always an eager student.

Metcon for all the good boys and girls:

Ok first we gonna do some heavy pressin'

and then..

"Smoke & Mirrors"


200 Meter Run

Max Unbroken Push-ups

200 Meter Run

Max Unbroken Toes to Bar

*Score = Total Reps


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