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Thursday, 21 May 2020

”Athlete's Foot"

5 Rounds: 1 Minute Box Jumps (24/20) 1 Minute Toes to Bar 1 Minute Kettlebell Swings (53/35) 1 Minute Rest



  • We’ll work for 3 minutes before resting for 1 in today’s interval style workout

  • Keep track of your reps at each movement, as your score is the total number of reps accumulated over the 5 rounds

  • With a short 1 minute rest, we’re looking for a consistent and moderate pace throughout the workout

  • Reps cans be recorded during the rest between rounds


  • These are standard box jumps, requiring full extension at the top before coming down

  • We recommend stepping down or jumping down instead of rebounding these reps


  • If you have over 15 reps unbroken when fresh, let’s complete this station as prescribed

  • If you’re not quite there, complete a variation listed further down the page


  • These swings will finish all the way overhead

  • This should be a weight that you are capable of swinging for 30+ reps unbroken when fresh



  • Let’s aim for consistency across the 5 rounds of work today, with the goal being to move for as much time as you can within each 1 minute window

  • The box jumps are the easiest station to keep a rhythm with, but the toes to bar and swings will present a bigger challenge

  • There are a couple ways to attack these stations each round:

  • One option is to pick a goal rep number for each minute

  • For Example: It may be your goal to maintain 15 box jumps, 12 toes to bar, and 21 kettlebell swings every round

  • Another option would be to pre-determine your work and rest times by completing an interval within the interval

  • 3 Sets of 10 Seconds On + 10 Seconds Off

  • 2 Sets of 20 Seconds On + 10 Seconds Off

  • 1 Set of 40 Seconds On + 20 Seconds Off

  • The work and rest option would be most beneficial for the toes to bar and kettlebell swings, as those are the ones we’ll have to break up

  • Whatever option you choose, the goal is to maximize your time spent moving within the minute


3 Rounds: 30 Seconds Active Samson 30 Seconds Alternating Bird Dogs 30 Seconds Jumping Jacks


3 Rounds: 30 Seconds Box Step-ups 30 Seconds Front Plank 30 Seconds Inchworm to Push-up

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