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Wednesday, 20 May 2020


5 Rounds: AMRAP 3: 3 Double Dumbbell Power Snatches (50's/35's) 6 Push-ups 9 Air Squats

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds



  • "CEO" a.k.a "Chief Exercise Officer" is a twist on the benchmark workout "The Chief"

  • You'll move quickly for 3 minutes and rest for 1 in this interval piece

  • The way the workout is written allows for a high intensity to be maintained:

  • There is built in rest

  • The reps are small

  • The movements patterns do not interfere with each other

  • Use weights and variations that allow you to complete at least 3 rounds within each AMRAP (1 Round Every Minute)

  • Record total rounds and reps for all 5 intervals, as your score is the sum total of these numbers


  • Both heads of the dumbbells touch the floor between the legs at the bottom of each rep

  • Jump the dumbbells overhead in one smooth motion to a locked out position

  • This should be a moderate load that will be completed unbroken each round

  • See further down the page for a video demo


  • The chest touches the floor in the bottom and elbows reach full extension at the top of each rep

  • Choose a rep number or variation that you can complete unbroken each round

  • See further down the page for "subs"



  • The constant rotation of muscle groups being used, combined with the built in rest, allows us to push the pace in this workout

  • We move from a total body pull, to an upper body push, to a lower body push

  • See if you can complete each movement unbroken within these short windows

  • The two things you can adjust as needed are your transition time and air squat speed

  • If you are confident in sustaining unbroken sets at each movement, quickly transition from one movement to the next and speed up your air squats to cut down on dead time

  • If you want to control your pace a little more while still moving forward, slow down your air squat and transition speeds


3 Rounds

30 Seconds Cossack Squats 30 Seconds Push-up to Down Dog 30 Seconds Glute Bridges

Directly Into…

3 Rounds

30 Seconds Air Squats 30 Seconds Mountain Climbers 30 Seconds Glute Bridge Walkouts

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