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Wednesday, 15 December 2021



Sustainable consistency is the key to your training success. We can apply this to our training in two ways:

  • Our daily training intensity

  • Our weekly training schedule

If we attempt to train everyday with a “competition” mindset or at a high level of intensity we will likely burnout. For example, if we give 100% effort in Monday’s workout to the point where we are too sore to workout on Tuesday we are training at too high of an intensity. Another example is if we train at such a high intensity that it has a negative impact on the rest of our day/daily activities (feeling exhausted at work, taking care of our family, etc.) We want training to positively impact our lifestyle!

As for our weekly training schedule, if we are training at the appropriate intensity daily we should be able to train 5-6 days a week. Finding a consistent time of day to train at is a key component of a successful training schedule. If you can permanently build your training/exercise into your schedule at the same time daily it becomes a habit. “I take CrossFit at 8:00am” and then you begin to schedule life around your exercise routine instead of the opposite.


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