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Wednesday, 02 June 2021


**“Let character be your loudest statement.”**

The football player wears shoulder pads and a helmet.

The chef puts on an apron.

The accountant brings a suitcase.

These are all identifiable that may come to mind when thinking of those individuals.

What are yours?

Be hard on yourself here. How would others define you?

Let character be what defines you.

Strength & Power

Part 1. Build to a Heavy Single Clean & Jerk

10:00 EMOM

1 Clean & Jerk

* 1-5: Warm-Up Sets

* 6-10: Work Sets

[Rest 10:00-13:00]


Part 2. "Power Hour"

@ 13:00

For Time:

50 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

*20 Double-Unders EMOM*

Score = Total time to complete all 50 Clean and Jerks


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