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Thursday, 06 May 2021


**“Patience is not the virtue. Discipline is.”**

Discipline is not a term reserved for the military or martial arts. Where patience is our anchor in the storm, it is our discipline that pushes us forward.

Discipline to our commitments, regardless of how large or seemingly small.

Discipline to our values, staying true to ourselves in both our best and worst moments.

Discipline to the details, when there’s every reason to “let this one slide”.

Patience is a subset of a deeper practice.

That of discipline.

Metcon for CF Unlimited & CF Lite


**AMRAP 16:**

10 Double DB Box Step Overs (50/35# / 24"/20")

100m DB Farmer's Carry (50/35#)

200m Run

:30 L-Sit (Accumulate)

* Score = The number of rounds and reps completed in the 16:00 window

* Log 100 meters as 1 rep

* Log 200 meters as 2 rep

* Log seconds as reps


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